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  • Up to 90% of property value

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  • Up to 80% of property value

  • Cash in 24 hours

  • Regulated by TPOS

  • Zero fees

  • Legals paid


  • Up to 90% of property value

  • Sells within 30 days

  • Fully managed process

  • Zero fees

  • Legals paid

Compare Property Buyers is a completely free service built to help you get the best price for your home.

Selling your house shouldn't feel like a marathon.

At Compare Property Buyers, we believe it should be a smooth and stress-free experience. That's why we connect you with multiple reputable UK home buying companies, all eager to present their competitive offers for your property.

  • Effortless comparisons: Get quotes from multiple buyers instantly & conveniently.

  • Free and transparent: Our service is entirely free to use, allowing you to explore your options with confidence.

  • Trusted network: We partner only with established companies known for their fairness and transparency.

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What are the benefits over selling with an estate agency?


1. Faster Sale

Need to move on your own timeline? Cash buyers can be your fast track.

Unlike traditional buyers who rely on financing, cash buyers have the funds ready to go. This translates to a significantly faster closing process, freeing you to move on to your next chapter without the wait.

Whether you're eager to start fresh, relocate for a new opportunity, or simply need a quick sale, cash buyers offer a hassle-free and efficient solution.

2. No Chain

Selling your home traditionally can feel like a domino effect – one delay from another party throws the whole chain into disarray. With cash buyers, you bypass the chain reaction altogether, enjoying a smoother and more predictable selling experience.

3. No Fees

Selling through an estate agent often involves fees and commissions that can chip away at your profits. With cash buyers, you ditch the hefty price tag and keep more of your hard-earned equity.

4. No Repairs Needed

Forget the pre-sale renovation frenzy! Cash buyers are often happy to take your property "as-is", saving you the time, hassle, and expense of repairs or upgrades.

5. Privacy

Say goodbye to the constant parade of strangers and the disruption of open houses. Cash buyers offer a discreet and private selling experience, allowing you to maintain control over your space and privacy.

6. Flexibility

Forget the rigid timelines and the pressure to adapt to other people's schedules. Cash buyers offer the flexibility to close on your terms, allowing you to move at your own pace.


1. Security

Fully regulated by The Property Ombudsman Scheme (TPOS), government-approved scheme to provide independent redress in relation to disputes between consumers and property agents.

2. Speed

Selling to a house buying company is the fastest way to sell your house. It’s much quicker than selling with an estate agent or by auction. You can have your sale wrapped up in as little as 24 hours, but the timeframes are totally flexible.

3. Certainty

Because house-buying companies buy from you directly, you will have a guaranteed sale if you accept their offer. This level of certainty is unmatched. (auctions have a 70-80% success rate and estate agents only 51%!)

4. Any-House

Another pro of selling to a house-buying company is they’ll make you an offer regardless of the property’s condition, how messy it is inside, or how severe any issues are.

5. As-Is Sale

There’s no need to declutter, redecorate or do a deep clean when selling to a house-buying company. This can be appealing to many sellers, like those who have inherited a property or don’t have the time or resources to carry out lengthy repairs.

6. No Viewings

Another bonus is you won’t have to carry out any viewings. This saves time, stress, and any frantic last-minute dashes around the house to get it looking its best.

7. Chain Free

House Buying Companies are chain-free, which helps simplify and speed up your home sale. House chains massively delay sales and increase the likelihood of your sale falling through, so it’s a big plus that you get to avoid them!


1. Quick Sale

Looking to sell your property quickly and efficiently? Consider attracting property investors! They often have readily available funds, allowing for a streamlined and hassle-free sale compared to traditional buyers who might require mortgage approval. This translates to a faster closing and less time on the market for you.

2. Cash Offer

Investors can often bypass the traditional financing process, making the transaction smooth and swift, compared to waiting for mortgage approvals. This means a faster closing and less time spent navigating the complexities of a sale.

3. As-Is Sale

Property investors are often comfortable taking on properties that need a little TLC. This means you can skip the hassle of repairs and renovations, saving you precious time and resources. Focus on what matters most, and let the investors handle the rest!

4. Competitive Offers

Property investors bring their expertise to the table, often making fair and competitive offers that reflect your property's true potential. This means you can sell with confidence, knowing you're getting a solid deal without the back-and-forth of negotiations.

5. No Contingencies

Say goodbye to the stress of waiting and wondering! Unlike traditional buyers, property investors typically bypass the hurdles of financing and inspections. This means a smoother, faster sale with fewer chances of things falling through at the last minute. You can breathe easy knowing the deal is more likely to close on time, without the unexpected delays or complications.

6. Flexibility

Need to sell on your own timeline? Property investors often have the flexibility to work with you on closing dates and other terms, making the process more adaptable to your needs. This means you can ditch the rigid deadlines and find a solution that works best for everyone involved.


Compare valuations and get your free cash offer today

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